Scandinavian living room: 62 unique ideas for modern and functional decoration

Nothing better than ending the day watching a movie or series in the comfort of your bed, right? For this, the TV in the bedroom is essential.

But how to place the device in the bedroom without ruining the decor and in such a way that it does not harm your vision, spine, and neck?

We will tell you all this in this post…

Ever since the flat screen TV came out, in ever slimmer models, integrating the TV into the bedroom has become easier and more varied. Check out some of the best ideas:

The MDF and wood panels match everything in the decor and are a great support point for the TV in the bedroom.

There are many panel models, from slats to single sheets that cover the entire wall.

The important thing is to leave a custom space to set up the device. Another advantage of the panel is that you can hide all the wiring, keeping the room clean and organized.

Another interesting way to place the TV in the bedroom is by embedding the device into the wall.

For this, the most common thing is to make a niche on the wall so that the TV fits perfectly into the space. This solution also ensures that the wiring is hidden.

The wall-mounted TV also wins design points, as it appears in a very discreet and modern way in the environment.

Did you know you can use the TV suspended directly from the ceiling? For this, it is necessary to use special support where the device is fixed and placed at the most convenient height. However, the installation must be done well so that the cables are not exposed and also ensure that the TV is secure and not in danger of falling.

A wall-mounted TV is the simplest and easiest way to mount your TV in your bedroom. There are several types of mounts for fixing the TV to the wall, including models with the ability to move the device from one side to the other. The system is very economical, but it can fail if the wiring is not hidden or, at least, disguised.

Do you have a shelf or chest of drawers in the bedroom? So you can take advantage of this piece of furniture to place the TV in the bedroom. So simple. However, this idea applies to smaller TVs, as larger ones can be out of proportion with the furniture.

There is no standard height measurement for bedroom TV installation. It will all depend on the height of the residents and how you prefer to watch it.

Smart DIY ideas with TV bases and consoles from wooden pallets, for a rustic look in your house

Those who watch TV lying down, for example, should place it at a lower height to avoid straining their neck. If you watch TV sitting down, place it slightly higher.

As a general rule, it is recommended to place the TV about 1.20 to 1.40 meters from the floor.

To be sure of the height, sit on the bed and draw a line between your eye level and where the TV should be placed.

The best wall to install the TV in the bedroom is the one facing the bed, so you don’t have to bend your neck to watch.

However, notice if the wall receives light during the day. In this case, consider moving the bed so that the wall does not receive light reflections and, consequently, disturbs TV viewing.

How many inches should a bedroom TV be?

The bedroom should be a place of rest and comfort, so the choice of TV should be well thought out.

A very large TV in a small room strains the eyes, just as a large room with a small TV is not suitable.

Ideally, the TV for a small room should be a maximum of 32 inches, while a larger room can take a TV up to 43 inches.

See below 50 bedroom TV ideas and get inspired to install the device in your bedroom.

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