Several of our top suggestions for tiny yard landscaping

Do you have a small front yard or backyard  — or both? There are several ways you can make your yard appear bigger and put the limited amount of space to good use. Whether you want to create an outdoor living room or a simple garden design, here are a few of our best landscaping ideas for small yards.

22. Create a cozy, private sanctuary.
A small backyard can feel cozier than a large backyard with the right landscaping elements. Make your small space your peaceful sanctuary. Invest in a high privacy fence, install a paver or concrete patio, get some outdoor dining furniture and add a few plants. For minimal maintenance, opt for a potted plants and consider removing your grass in exchange for pavers.

23. Don’t overcrowd your yard.

Avoid cluttering your yard with too many potted plants, shrubs, bushes, large trees, rocks and other elements. A crowded yard can make your small yard appear even tinier. Instead, choose a focal point (or a few eye-catching features like a fountain or patio), and leave enough space for lounging or entertaining.

24. Choose the right-sized plants.

Before planting trees and flowers, make sure you know how big each plant will get as it matures. You don’t want to accidentally plant a tree that will overtake your small front yard or backyard. Chat with a local gardener or arborist to ensure the plants you choose will fit nicely in your yard.

25. Think vertically.

Maximize the space in your small yard by adding vertical features, such as:

Vines on your fences, pergola or trellis
Window boxes on your front-facing windows

Hanging planters and other vertical gardening methods

26. Draw the eye away from your yard’s perimeter.

If you want your yard to appear bigger, there are a few techniques you can use to create the illusion. For example, include a mixture of plants with different textures and leaves. Add a focal point (a beautiful flower garden, patio or deck, statue, water feature, pathway, etc.), and include landscape elements with varying heights (ex: tall and short hedges).

27. Create different zones.

You can visually draw the eye in your small backyard by creating designated areas for different functions. For example, create a zone for a garden, sitting and lounging and a water feature.

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