Simplified Korean house There is an outdoor kitchen. With a camping area

What shape is the design of each house? It depends on various factors. It may be a limitation of space. or the needs of the homeowner Some houses may have a need for a lot of usable space. Some houses like to have more outdoor areas than the house itself. or want privacy from the eyes of neighbors There are many ways to manage it. Use a high fence or facade to shade the view. It depends on each person’s preference. For this house in Korea, an architectural firm Homestyletoto Choose to present a C-shaped house to answer the needs of using the house to have privacy. While there is quite a lot of outdoor space. Make living here full of fun amidst the simplicity of nature.

This house has an area of ​​165 square meters, C shape, modern style, applied Korean flair, built in Gwangyang, Jeonnam, South Korea. The appearance of the house looks strange. But it attracts interest very well. With a roof that looks like a traditional ancient roof. But changing the material from terra cotta tiles to galvanized steel makes it look sharper and more modern. The wall is designed to have a large open skylight with glass. So that residents can see nature from every perspective. Surrounding the middle area is a large open garden area. Suitable for being a place to relax.

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