Small house, a mix of Western and Nordic cottages.

Architects in each locality may be familiar with seeing houses in a familiar style. Sometimes it may be picked up and added to, or influenced by, to be used in works from other countries. For Scandinavian architects They always emphasize using natural light and materials to make the home as comfortable as possible in all seasons. Add functionality and a clean design. When these architects came to work in the United States, they played with the history and concepts of Nordic architecture. and then apply it to a new geographic context. Recreate the American landscape with distinctly Scandi-style homes.

The Seneca House is a renovation project of a 1920s cottage in Palo Alto, California, United States. The exterior renovation bridges the divide between old and new. It maintains the shape of the pitched gable roof. The window is a small square. A wooden door that gives a warm feeling The roof has been changed to black metal sheets, adjusting the feel to a sharp, modern Scandinavian style. The interior looks fresh and spacious. Intelligent planning ensures that every space is used to its fullest potential. Provide families with the amenities they need.

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