The DW (Dwelling on Wheels), Modern Shed’s Maximum Portable Home

The Modern Shed was inspired to create creative projects in 2020 by creating their first portable residence. They take the concept of their backyard shed and gave the wheel, has an area of 220 square feet, The DW (Dwelling on Wheels) using a standalone structure that is wide enough to live in, but also functional to take to the road. This house is designed with a classic gable shape and a window wall on one wall to provide views to the outside. The dark, low maintenance exterior is equipped with solar panels on the roof using batteries, while there is a wood stove used for heating, it also comes with two electric wall heaters as backup if needed.

Even though the size is not too large, Modern Shed designed each room so that it doesn’t feel cramped. Utilizing the sight lines remain open with floor-to-ceiling laid down the hall and across the end wall of windows. At the front end, the deck extends to allow space to place some furniture for the view.

Contrasting strongly with the exterior, the interior is designed lighter with thin-faced birch plywood finished and sustainable linoleum floor. The sloping shape of the roof also makes the inside feel wider, as well as the side windows that jut up into the roof. There is a bed in the rear are able to carry up to three people shaped bunk bed. The efficient unit is made with a thin, high intensity insulation panel on the wall and can accommodate a water tank or composting unit. Currently these portable homes are available for anywhere from 4 to 10 months of use and costs starting at $ 129,000.

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