The wisteria in your yard is like a rainbow waterfall of vibrant hues.

It fills the space with a firework of various colors and shades – from light blue, and pale pink, to intense purple and creamy white, in which the inflorescences are painted in the form of long spectacular brushes, an abundant waterfall hanging down. When the wisteria blossoms, a walk among this paradise whirlpool of colors resembles a magical dream, where there is no place, no sadness, no sorrow. After all, it is not for nothing that they say that being in her environment, you seem to be in a real paradise. Translated from Greek, the name of this plant denotes the epithet “sweet.” It really throughout the flowering stage fills the surrounding atmosphere with a pleasantly sweet aroma. This is one of the most beautiful flowering representatives of the flora. Wisteria refers to deciduous woody forms. Its height can reach twenty meters. As the tree grows, a magnificent crown is formed with a diameter of up to eight meters from drooping long branches.

The adult wisteria tree has different shapes. It can be a tree with a powerful trunk or a weaving creeper, gradually capturing the surrounding space of your garden.

The unpaired light-green leaves of wisteria are large, reaching a length of 30 cm. The fluff covering the leaf plates of young plants gradually disappears, making their color more saturated.

Blue, violet, white, pink, lilac flowers of wisteria are combined in racemes, resembling grape clusters, the length of which varies on average from 25 to 50 cm. Although, there are varieties of wisteria with inflorescences up to 70 cm long.

Wisteria is a natural habitat for China, where it grows in the provinces of Sichuan and Hubei. This tree is widely cultivated but shows the greatest decorativeness in humid subtropics.

Starting to bloom in the first spring months, the wisteria tree charms with a cloud of multicolor almost until the beginning of autumn, after which the ripening beans are used as seed.

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