Think Differently About Your Front Yard: Turn It Into a Huge Grass Puzzle

For fans of a more natural look, consider growing a micro prairie or a tapestry lawn in your front yard. This type of garden makes use of native plants, flowers, and grasses to help attract birds, insects, and other wildlife and help restore natural ecosystems. Native plants are most simply defined as plants that have developed a symbiotic relationship with a specific region or environment and grow naturally without human intervention.

Micro prairies are particularly great additions for small front yards (since the smaller the space, the easier they are to manage), and when done correctly, you’ll get to see birds, butterflies, and other critters enjoying the green space you helped foster. Better yet, they’re supposed to look wild, so it takes some of the pressure off to design a specific aesthetic. To grow one, you’ll need to plant flowers and grasses that are native to your area. If you don’t know which plants those are, you can likely find out through a quick Google search or by talking with employees at your local gardening store.

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