Top 20 Best Black Heart Tattoo Ideas

black heart tattoo is an extremely meaningful and symbolic tattoo for most.

It symbolizes a form of grief or heartache, which can be due to a breakup or even a death of a loved one. Many people who have a black heart tattoo on their wrist or hand wish to commemorate the loss of a loved one, an extremely tragic event, or even a debilitating condition.

Alternatively, heart tattoos are also a great design for those who love the concept of love. Since this is an easy design, one can easily find a tattoo shop that will be able to provide black heart tattoos. The price of these tattoos isn’t costly either. Black heart tattoos have been popular for a long time and have been adopted by many people in 2020 as well as in 2021. If you want to look at some of the best black heart tattoo designs available online, you should read this article! We hope you find at least one useful black heart tattoo design.

One of the benefits of getting a small and minimalistic black heart tattoo is that you aren’t restricted to any body part in terms of tattooing. You can easily get this tattoo anywhere on your body from top to bottom. A tattoo artist can also suggest a good area to make such a design. The side of the wrist is a great place to get a tattoo, as clearly demonstrated by this tattoo design. The minimalistic black heart tattoo outline is simple, clean, yet meaningful. You can also get three minimalistic hearts to signify your love life in the present, as well as in the past and future.


Bleeding Heart Tattoo

black bleeding heart can signify pain, loss, death, or any form of grief. This black heart tattoo design showcases a potion bottle with the three black droplets dripping from it and vapour of smoke arising from the top. The white shadings can also symbolize purity, peace, or even a fresh start. This type of black heart tattoo can be make by many artists. It can be use to signify the presence of peace after a tragedy, or a potion that can lead to a fresh start post a traumatic event.


broken blackheart tattoo such as this one can be useful to commemorate a meaningful heartbreak or tragedy and can be a way to find solace within the grief. The shattering of the heart is very telling of an experience that completely broke us or shatter our belief in the concept of love. The broken pieces are jag, asymmetrical, and have variations in size, because when heartbreak occurs, rarely is there a distinct pattern. It is also much harder to fix if there are smithereens of a heart that was whole before.

Those hunting for a anatomical heart tattoo or ‘anatomical heart tattoo black and white’ can stop right here! This is a great example of an intricate anatomical tattoo since it also has detailed arteries and ventricles. The chains around the heart can mean the boundaries or shackles are preventing from fulfilling their heart’s desires. It can also mean that the heart is lock up in one place, such as in time, or with a person or situation, and that no one can take it away. The colourful butterflies around the heart is also an optional choice that can be use to showcase grow or change.



Skull tattoos are extremely popular, therefore there are many skilled artists that are able will be able to create a good heart tattoo with a skull designed inside of it, such as in this case. This classic black heart tattoo is perfect for couples and extremely close friends. It showcases two intertwined skulls within a heart, and one skull gently caressing the other skull with its hand. For couples who wish to have a tattoo that truly signifies ’till death do us apart’, this tattoo may just be a perfect fit.

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