Top 20 Creative Concepts for Elegant Art Display Through Gallery Wall Ideas

Gallery wall ideas for a masculine gray living room design

Decorilla gallery wall ideas for a masculine living room design

Looking for a way to elevate your home decor and showcase your personality? You’re just a few steps away from discovering some of the most creative gallery wall ideas. Get ready to explore unique concepts that can turn any blank wall into a stunning visual narrative of your life and interests.

Blank Walls, Big Opportunites: Gallery Wall Dos and Don’ts

Picture wall ideas in a living room

Nature-inspired picture wall ideas in a living room by Decorilla designer, Rene P.

An untouched wall is a playground for creative minds. See it as a fresh canvas, ready to be filled with pieces that tell a story – your story. Whether you want a gallery wall in the living room, hallway, or bedroom, consider a few dos and don’ts before hanging your favorite pieces.

  • Do choose a gallery theme. Setting an intention for your gallery wall is as easy as picking what speaks to you and matches the room’s style. It could be a collection of family memories, favorite artwork, vintage posters, postcards, or a mix including 3D art. 
  • Don’t neglect the frames or borders. Instead, coordinate picture frame wall ideas with the style you want – they’re just as important as the picture they hold! Mixed and matched styles and shapes frames will give an eclectic look while contrasting white or black can make the images stand out more. 

Pro Tip: Create a gallery wall design that matches your preferred style. Not sure what that is? Try our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to find out today!

Bold living room gallery wall ideas

Bold living room gallery wall ideas by Decorilla

  • Do use a level and measuring tape. Ensure that your gallery wall is straight and well-aligned by measuring and testing it with a spirit level. Also, allow 2-3 inches between artwork.
  • Don’t overcrowd the wall. Leave enough negative space to let each piece shine and maintain balance.
  • Do a test mockup and plan the gallery wall layout. Start with the biggest item first. In this way, you’ll get the height and arrangement just right. You can also set a focal point, like the central piece, and align it at eye level and even try asymmetrical layouts. 
  • Don’t go too small. Since you’ll be viewing artwork or photos from a meter or more, it’s a good idea to ensure you can see the design well from a distance. 

The Interior Masterpiece: Inspiring Gallery Wall Ideas

Earthy color scheme interiors with beautiful wall photo collage ideas

Earthy color scheme interiors with beautiful wall photo collage ideas by Decorilla

From art wall inspiration or a traditional gallery, these ideas bubble with visual intrigue! They make the most of vertical space, creating wholesome and harmonious designs in the process. So, let’s dive into our favorite gallery wall examples! 

1. Entertainment Enhanced: Minimal Gallery Wall Around a TV

Gallery wall around a TV in a modern interior

Sleek gallery wall around a TV in a modern interior by Decorilla designer, Dina H.

Why let your TV take all the limelight? Surround it with a beautiful minimalist gallery wall. Two twin prints can balance the heaviness of a solid screen and make it more aesthetically pleasing. It’ll enhance your viewing experience and turn your TV wall into a living piece of art.

Gallery wall inspiration around a fireplace

Gallery wall inspiration around a fireplace by Decorilla designer, Ryley B.

You can balance the aesthetic even more by choosing a dark feature color strip behind your TV. Flank it with a lighter color and let the art shine alongside the composition. The result will be a striking but cohesive interior design. 

2. Abstract Simplicity: Moody Twin Dining Room Gallery Wall

Oversized gallery wall ideas in a dining room

Oversized gallery wall ideas in a dining room by Decorilla designer, Jamie C.

Make a bold artistic statement with a bespoke dining room gallery wall. Here, twin picture wall ideas create a stunning feature. Plus, the moody black hue highlights and contrasts with the room’s overall style. The pair pop and its typography is sure to encourage conversation.

3. Mesmerizing Focal Point: A Gallery Wall Behind the Sofa

Gallery wall behind a sofa in a transitional modern living room

Photo gallery wall behind a sofa in a modern living room by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.

The space behind the sofa is prime real estate for gallery wall ideas. This design uses floating shelves to display a perfectly balanced gallery wall inspiration. It’s also a good option for smaller spaces, like an apartment interior design.

Art wall inspiration in an open plan living room

Wall photo collage ideas for eclectic interior by Decorilla designer, Jaslyn B.

Choose pieces that complement the colors and style of your sofa and overall color scheme. You can also make it a conversation starter by mixing in interesting art pieces or vintage photos.

4. Reflecting Beauty: Using Mirrors in Your Dining Room Gallery

Mirrored gallery wall ideas in a contemporary dining room

Mirrored gallery wall ideas in a contemporary dining room by Decorilla designer, Ibrahim H.

Mirrors aren’t just for checking your reflection. When used on a gallery wall, reflective surfaces add depth and light to your dining room. Try vintage mirrors for a rustic touch, or go sleek and modern with geometric mirror designs. This dining room has a mirror-only gallery wall, making the interior feel even more spacious and luxurious. 

5. Lighting the Way with Art: Hallway Picture Display

Hallway gallery ideas with artwork and a mirror

Hallway gallery ideas with artwork and a mirror by Decorilla designer, Veronica S.

Hallways are often overlooked, but they can make an unforgettable impression with exquisite gallery wall ideas. Choose pieces that light up your passage, both metaphorically and literally. You can use art that features vibrant colors, mirrors, or even illuminated frames for a dramatic effect.

6. Oversized Glamour: High Style Gallery Wall in a Lux Living Room

Oversized glamorous gallery wall ideas in a luxury interior design

Glam gallery wall ideas in a luxury interior design by Decorilla designer, Selma A.

Make your great room shine with oversized artwork! This awe-inspiring arrangement combined the grandeur of sheer size and the sophistication of a curated gallery. The combo not only creates a striking focal point but also makes the room feel even taller by drawing the eye upwards.

Gallery wall behind a velvet sofa in a luxury interior

Gallery wall behind a velvet sofa in a luxury interior by Decorilla designer, Tera S.

Match the hues to your interior or let it highlight detailed accents, like glossy golds with a shimmery effect. Whether in the artwork or the frames, a dash of sparkle will elevate the toom even more.

7. Food Meets Art: Adding Character to Your Dining Space

Eclectic gallery wall ideas with guidance on arranging pictures on a wall

Eclectic art wall inspiration in dining rooms by Decorilla designers, Sarah R. and Gwendolyn G.

Turn your dining room into a mini art gallery. Showcase your favorite pieces of art, souvenirs from travels, and unique artwork. It’s all about creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

8. Passage of Memories: Personal Family Picture Wall Ideas

Family picture wall ideas with artwork in a hallway

Family picture wall ideas with artwork in a hallway by Decorilla designer, Lindsay B.

Turn your hallway into a journey down memory lane. Arrange pictures chronologically, starting from the bottom with early memories and working your way up to recent ones. It’s a creative way to share your family’s story or highlight memorable travels. You can also add artwork to your wall photo collage with a mix of contemporary ideas. 

9. Neutral Contrasting Abstracts: Coordinated Art Wall Inspiration 

Simple picture arrangement ideas in a neutral living room

Simple picture arrangement ideas in a neutral living room by Decorilla designer, Nishtha S.

Layer your room colors into your art collection. This room shows how muted natural hues can make an impact. The composition of cream, beige, brown, and pastel coral and distinct abstract shapes perfectly complement the Japandi living room.

10. Black and White: Arty Foyer Gallery Wall

Entryway gallery wall ideas in a sophisticated foyer

Entryway gallery wall ideas in a sophisticated foyer by Decorilla designer, Anahit M.

If you want an elegant monochromatic design, coordinate colors when decorating pictures on your wall. This interior sticks to black and white; on one feature wall, abstracts makes a beautiful statement, while on another, black and white family photos fit in naturally with the theme. In essence, they are an extension of the gallery wall thanks to the cohesive scheme.

11. Simplicity Emboldened: Asymmetric Bedroom Art Wall 

Decorating pictures on a bedroom wall with a headboard

Decorating pictures on a bedroom wall with a headboard by Decorilla designer, Rosela B.

Embrace imperfection and find balance in asymmetry! This contemporary bedroom shows off three carefully chosen pieces, but what makes the composition successful is the combination with the installed black headboard. It underscores and unifies the pieces by echoing their darker accents.  

Green gallery wall inspiration for a bedroom

Nature-inspired gallery wall inspiration by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

Asymmetrical layouts inject lightness and fun into an interior design. This modern bedroom is complete with a nature-inspired gallery wall arrangement that visually heightens the space.

12. Framed Coziness: Fireplace Picture Wall Ideas

Black and white gallery wall ideas around a fireplace in a living room

Black and white gallery wall ideas around a fireplace by Decorilla

Keep it simple and let your fireplace shine with balancing living room gallery wall ideas. This stylish black and white interior makes the fireplace even more of a focal point by framing the hearth with subtle and minimal artwork. Their curvy shape and large size draw the eye to the center of the wall while offsetting the heaviness of the black fireplace with wispy black lines.

13. Dynamic Layout: Scandi-Inspired Dining Room Gallery Wall

Dining room gallery wall in warm tones in a japandi interior design

Dining room gallery wall in a Japanese interior design by Decorilla designer, Anna Y.

You don’t have to stick to square or straight layouts! Get creative with a dynamic arrangement instead. There are many ways to do it, so explore your options. One way is to set up your picture wall ideas to all be at eye level – mark the spot (between 57 and 60 inches) on the wall with a pencil. Then hang the art so its middle point is on the level. These picture arrangement ideas work best for different-sized pieces.     

14. Moody High Contrast: Blue and White Art Wall Inspiration 

Blue art wall inspiration in a contemporary and transitional interiors

Blue art wall inspiration by Decorilla designers, Jamie C. and Riddhi M.

Choose an accent color, like a moody blue, as your art installation backdrop. Whether it’s a picture shelf, wall combo, or painted alcoves, the dark hue will make pieces pop!

Blue wall gallery inspiration and eclectic arrangement

Eclectic art wall inspiration by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

The wonderful benefit is that your pictures or art will be more visible, regardless of their intensity. It’s a great way of making more subtle gallery items stand out.  

15. Welcome with Flair: Curated Entryway Design

Hallway gallery wall ideas with framed abstracts and metallic plates and mirrors

Hallway gallery wall ideas by Decorilla designers, Mariko K. and Corine M.

Arranging pictures on a wall can be very easy. Take the entryway, for instance. You can create a stunning feature wall above a credenza or bench by picking similar artwork or décor and spacing them out symmetrically. These interiors show how a mirror-metal combo and framed abstracts work equally well.

Need a Little Help with Your Gallery Wall?

Feeling inspired but need help figuring out where to start? Our interior design team is here to help bring an arty touch to your home. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to get started today!

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