Transform your indoor space with these incredible tree stump decor ideas. Bring a touch of nature indoors and elevate your home’s style.

A home with a natural feel has always been a dream for many, and adding a natural touch is the best way to do it. If you are used to decorating the house with plants, then today it is the tree stump that is always a problem outdoors.

If you like aesthetic interior style, a tree stump can be a part of your next décor. Bring them into the room because there are many ways and many things that can be made with tree stumps.

From turning them into natural-toned furniture to blending with your green thumb, here are some tree stump decorating ideas that you can apply indoors!

Part of the furniture

Tree stumps are made of strong natural materials so they are very suitable for use as furniture.

This is a bench or chair with a unique shape and does not require any changes, a bench like this can be a side table either in the living room, bedroom, even bathroom. Another idea, you can turn it into a coffee table with natural nuances, as a table mat or add a romantic accent to any room.

To make it more beautiful, coat all parts of the furniture with wood coating or paint it on top. The more creative you are, the more you will get the furniture you want.

Tree stump planters, pots and stands

Its natural shape makes the tree stump able to be changed according to your wishes. Not only as furniture, you can make it part of an indoor plant.
One of the popular ones is turning a tree stump into a planter or plant stand, you can plant various types of plants in the center of the tree stump, decorate it to make it more attractive or leave it natural. Several types of plants such as flowers, succulents, cacti, and vines are interesting ideas.

For home decoration, tree stumps are very pretty as pots. Of course, its large enough size can fill the void around the room such as a corner or front entrance. Check out more indoor tree stump inspiration and find your favorite!

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