Witness the Preservation of Rare and Exquisite Snow Lotus Flowers as Valuable Traditional Medicine


Within the vast tapestry of China’s ecological diversity lies a treasure trove of remarkable and vulnerable flora, and among these, the ethereal snow lotus stands as a resplendent gem. Flourishing solely within the lofty realms of China’s terrain, this exquisite bloom is renowned for its remarkable healing properties. Tragically, wanton exploitation and the relentless encroachment upon its native habitat have thrust the snow lotus into the solemn realm of a protected national legacy

The snow lotus, also known as Saussurea involucrata, grows in the harsh, rocky terrain of the Himalayan Mountains. The plant has adapted to these extreme conditions and can survive in temperatures as ɩow as -43°C. The snow lotus is a perennial herb that can grow up to 60 centimeters tall and has beautiful, white, star-shaped flowers.

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