Wonderful Modern Design Home

Modern design houses can be defined as residences that reflect contemporary architecture and design principles. These homes often have flat roofs, large glass walls, and open-plan living spaces. Offering functionality and aesthetics together, these houses have a minimalist style.

Features of a modern design home include open-plan living spaces. These areas usually include the kitchen, dining area, and living room. The walls are minimal and often painted in white or neutral colors. In this way, it is ensured that the interior looks spacious and bright.

In modern design homes, wide glass walls are often used. Thanks to these glass walls, natural lighting is provided to the interior, and the images from the outside, including the landscape, are carried indoors. Also, the glass walls give the house a more modern look from the outside.

In modern design homes, materials are often at the forefront. In particular, industrial materials such as concrete, glass, wood, and metal are preferred. These materials help give the house a minimalist and modern look.

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