You’ll love these gorgeous modern kitchen divider designs.

Have you ever wished you could conjure up an extra room in your home – like a study, TV room or a cozy den perhaps? If you’ve settled on a small home with limited bedrooms, take heart in knowing that the key to creating multi-functionality in a compact home lies in creating zones within existing spaces. With a little inspiration, you can conjure up an extra room without having to call in a builder. Here are some simple ideas to turn one room into two.

Living room & dining partition design ideas with an extension of the wall – Beautiful Homes

Screens with intricate carvings, trad jali (traditional Indian lattice work) or modern metal designs can breathe a lot of character into a room, while also acting as simple dividers. If you prefer not to spoil the aesthetic of your larger space, consider choosing a screen with delicate patterns, like the one pictured above, to channel light in both directions.

Alternatively, if you want to create two distinct zones in your room, choose a solid screen like the one on the left to maintain maximum privacy on both sides.

A great way to divide your room into two while giving it a modern and dramatic edge is to get a metal room divider in a modern avatar. With a bold design, you don’t have to go big. Choose a narrow screen like this one to symbolize the end of one zone and the beginning of another.


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